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“You don’t have to be good to start,
but you have to start to be good!”

Online MLM Succes

Course: Online MLM Succes

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MLM = Multi Level Marketing, also known as netwerkmarketing. Do you want to start a profitable business from home? Do you want to be successful in MLM and grow a steady business from home? Do you want a business that is constantly growing?

Than the online course “Online MLM Succes” will help you to get exactly that! In this course we teach you everything you need to know for financial freedom with MLM Online. You can start whenever you are ready. In six lessons we will teach you what MLM is and how you get massive succes with this business model, how to create a winning mindset, where to find your dream team member and how to lead your team online to get steady growth.

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How we roll

Before you start we schedule a 1-on-1 business meeting and plan your journey with us. During the course we plan 2 or more coaching sessions online. You will be added to our private group where you get support from other trainees and trainers/coaches. Once a year you will be invited to our offline business bootcamps to take your business to the next level. If you really want to succeed in MLM than this is a “MUST DO” course for you!

This course helps you to structure your online business. Early birds… this is our gift to you… This month you can try the MLM funnel for free, we even help you with the templates and you can purchase the best Online marketing book “DotComSecrets” for free.

Start now and fire your boss in 360 days!

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Online NWM training

Create a life of Financial Freedom with MLM

MLM = Multi Level Marketing is a $200 billion industry and is constantly growing. MLM is one of the best ways to create financial freedom and live the life of your dreams. You can start your MLM business from home. When structured in the right way you will create a money machine… and you can let go of your 9 to 5 job within reasonable time. 

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“I followed my heart and experience so much joy everyday!”

I am my own boss, work in my own time, with happy team members, living a life of abundance! Join now!

Experiences of other trainees

Recensie 4 trainingspagina

“Mijn relaties bloeien weer op en ik houd nu geld over aan het einde van de maand in plaats van andersom.”

Je bent mijn topper! Bedankt!


Recensie 3 trainingspagina

“Je energieke persoonlijkheid maakt dat ik graag in je omgeving ben. Ik vind dat ik, mede dankzij jou, ontzettend gegroeid ben de afgelopen maanden. Ik begin in februari aan je vervolg training en kijk er nu al naar uit!”

Lieve groet,


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“Ik ben weer gelukkig in mijn lijf en ik ben goed op weg met mijn eigen bedrijf. Het geeft zoveel voldoening”

Dank, dank, dank!


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“Dank je wel Astrid.

Dankzij jou heb ik in het afgelopen jaar een enorme groei doorgemaakt op persoonlijk en zakelijk vlak”



My name is Astrid Eenig. The past ten years I have been training individuals and small business owners in financial freedom. I help business owners to create a successful (MLM) business online. Over the years we have helped lots of business owners to create the life of their dreams. I can imagine that your next question is…


What is your investment?

Online MLM Succes consist of the following:

Online MLM Succes – Structure + Strategies + Business skills + Leadership skills + Coaching (€ 297 value).

Extra for early adapters… Start your Course this month and get for free:
(A) Book: Marketing strategieën Online “Dot Com Secrets” (€16 value). Free + shipping.
(B) MLM funnel – 2 weeks trial (€ 150 value).
(C) “Done-4-U-Funnel” Templates to implement in your funnel (€ 697 value).
(D) 1-0n-1 assistance when activating your MLM funnel (€ 797 value).

Total value € 1.957… NOW ONLY € 297!